Bahá’í Efforts to Promote Race Unity in the US Continue into the Obama Era

Over the past century, the American Bahá’í community has committed itself to building race unity at the individual, the community, and the institutional level.  Service to all of humanity, and the forging of a unified, just society is seen as a spiritual endeavor.  The US Bahá’í website states: “Race unity encompasses equal opportunity, but its implications run deeper. The Baha’i Faith teaches the need for a spiritual transformation that will cause a change in individual and collective behavior.”

The American Bahá’í community in 2009 honors the principle of race unity in many ways.   Bahá’í communities all over the country are still involved each year in the implementation of public events such as Race Unity Day and Martin Luther King Jr. Day.  Race unity discussions and workshops are offered at Bahá’í conferences and schools, and Bahá’ís in localities nation-wide are involved with like minded civic organizations and programs that target issues around race equity and justice.


A Baha'i Inspired Race Unity Workshop by Mosaic Partnerships

Since 1948, the Bahá’í International Community has been accredited as an international nongovernmental organization of the United Nations, and it has had special consultative status with the UN Economic and Social Council since 1970.  They have consistently addressed issues related to racial justice.  Info on the BIC can be found here.

Also, in every Bahá’í community nation-wide, people from every back ground; racial, ethnic, religious, or otherwise, are invited to participate in the core activities of the Faith.  These include study circles, devotional gatherings, children’s classes and junior youth classes.  Each of these activities revolves around Bahá’u’lláh’s central teaching:  the oneness of humanity.

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