Founding of Bahá’í Youth Workshops

In 1974, Oscar DeGruy founded Bahá’í youth workshops to reach disaffected young people battered by racism, gang violence and drug abuse.  The groups aided youth to explore the social problems plaguing the world, and to identify the spiritual principles that could address them.  The groups created dances that creatively addressed different issues, such as ending racial prejudice, substance abuse, and the equality of men and women.


Image Courtesy of the Baha'i International Community

A  generation of Baha’i youth in the U.S. were raised with the workshop model.  Eventually the idea spread worldwide, and youth in other countries used the workshop model to explore the application of Bahá’í principles to the issues in their own countries.

Youth workshop

Photo Courtesy of the Bahá'í International Community

Performance troupe “Beyond Words” in 2009 comprised youth from South Africa, Cuba, Taiwan, Ireland, United Kingdom.

Info courtesy of the Baha’i International Community.


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